Friday, May 6, 2011

How is the Miami Weather?

Miami Weather

How is the Miami Weather?

You may be wondering… how is the Miami Weather when planning your future vacation. It is very humid there and that is something you should always keep in mind. There is something like 80% humidity if not more in Miami and those of you who cannot stand humidity will probably want to go there at a time other than summer.

Monthly Miami Weather breakdown:

Below, you will find all the months with the weather temperatures in miami weather:

Month Low High
Jan 59.6°F 76.5°F
Feb 60.5°F 77.7°F
Mar 64.0°F 80.7°F
Apr 67.6°F 83.8°F
May 72.0°F 87.2°F
Jun 75.2°F 89.5°F
Jul 76.5°F 90.9°F
Aug 76.5°F 90.6°F
Sept 75.7°F 89.0°F
Oct 72.2°F 85.4°F
Nov 67.5°F 81.2°F
Dec 62.2°F 77.5°F

Let’s look at the beach as far as the Miami Weather is concerned.

I strongly recommends that you bring sandals as the sand can get extremely hot and your feet will be burning within seconds… just from personal experience; now you can choose to listen to me or ignore me but i’m not the one who will get burned :}

Otherwise, you should be able to have a great time over in Miami South Beach.

Of course, it is highly recommended that you bring sunscreen and sunglasses. There are times where it is VERY HOT on the beach and you want to avoid those times unless you want to end up red like a lobster with possible insulation.

Don't forget that during the night it gets cooler... but not cold. This means you can just wear a nice shirt and shorts and be fine. However, if you are planning to go to South Beach Clubs, I highly suggest that you dress to impress otherwise you will not get in!

If you are looking for a calm place on the beach, as mentioned earlier you would want to head south of 5th street (the street that you are on as soon as you get off the bridge from downtown). As far as parking, you will want to park on 7th and collins... there is a garage there that charges $1 per hour.